Branding Matters

How to Use Creativity For Good with Scott Goodson (Strawberryfrog)

January 01, 2021 Scott Goodson Season 1 Episode 1
Branding Matters
How to Use Creativity For Good with Scott Goodson (Strawberryfrog)
Show Notes

For my first episode I'm sitting down with Scott Goodson; the Founder of StrawberryFrog - the world’s first movement marketing agency dedicated to Cultural Movement Marketing. I've known Scott my entire life as he also happens to be my big brother.  And since he was one of the first people I told about this podcast, it's only natural he be my first guest. 

Through StrawberryFrog, Scott has established his own purpose to use creativity for good. He has created entirely new ways of thinking about both the development of distinctive brands as well as the cultural conditions necessary to support them. In doing so, he is reshaping how many leaders and large corporations think about structuring their businesses for success. 

Scott set out a new competitive advantage called Movement Marketing, as a way to activate purpose in his Globe and Mail best selling book: "Uprising: How to Build a Brand and Change the World by Sparking Cultural Movements”. His ideas will challenge your habits and the formulas of the past, provide new ways to think about insight, sources of growth, and sources of meaning for modern businesses and the people who run them. When he’s not helping his clients spark a movement, Scott lectures at Harvard Business School, Columbia, and Cambridge University.

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