Branding Matters

Trailer - Hear My Story

December 21, 2020 Branding Badass Season 1
Branding Matters
Trailer - Hear My Story
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Hi I’m Joelly, your Branding Badass. Welcome to my new podcast  Branding Matters. I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and why I’m doing this podcast. So, who am I? Well like I said, my name is Joelly and my last name is Goodson.

I’m a single mom with 2 amazing teenage boys,  and I’ve been in the marketing and branding world for almost 30 years. 

I started my career in advertising, working as a copywriter at several reputable ad agencies around town. Then after about 6 years of doing that, I decided I wanted to make a change and turned my focus to branding and branded merchandise, eventually becoming a branding expert and self-described. “Branding Badass”.

Life was really good for a while. Until it wasn’t.

In 2015 my whole world tuned upside down. My marriage of 13 years ended and that’s when I became a single mom with 2 young boys and zero financial support. And as luck would have it, at the exact same time as I was dealing with a messy divorce, my income plummeted due to downward economy. To say 2015 was a tough year is an understatement!

But being the Badass I am, I worked really hard and eventually started to dig myself out of the  dark hole I was in. And just when I could start to see the light…Fast forward to 2020 and the world turned upside down again. 

This time not just for me, but for everyone, thanks to COVID. Everything changed. And it continues to change. It’s enough to make your head spin. 

This brings me to why I’m doing this podcast. I decided I wanted to chart the change that’s affecting all of us through the one thing that’s connecting all of us in business - and that’s branding. Because now more than ever, brands are changing the way we all do business. 

How you wonder? 

Well that’s for my guests to tell you. And I’ve spent the last few months identifying and connecting with some of the most thoughtful leaders on this exact subject. This podcast is intended to be a an inspiration. For everyone from CEOs and solopreneurs, to marketing students and marketing marketing wannabes. And for those of you who’ve maybe been around the block a few times and are just looking for some branding inspiration. 

We’re all holding our breath while the world changes, so let’s find out where it’s going together. My hope for this podcast is for you to be moved and inspired. Maybe learn a few things, and most of all have a little fun while you’re here. 


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Joelly Lang:

Hi, I'm Joelly, you branding badass, and welcome t my new podcast branding matters I thought I'd take thi opportunity to tell you a littl bit about who I am and why I'doing this podcast. So, who a I? My name is Joelly Goodson La g and I've been in the brandi g and marketing world for almo t 30 years. I come by it honest y actually because I come from a long lineage of branding a d marketing gurus, going as f r back as my grandfather J e Goodson, who by the way I w s named after Joe founded t e publishing and printing compa y Victoria press. Then there's y late father, jack Hudson, w o after initially joining Joe n the family business, S e ventured out on his own a d founded hotel printing, whi h designed beautiful venues f r some of the world's most icon c brands like the brand Sprin s Hotel. Then there's my mo, Sylvia, who luckily is sti l alive and kicking today in h r 90s. Sylvia was a brillia t copywriter back in the ear y 60s. She worked for many yea s at Morgan's department stor, which is now known as the ba. She's also an extremely talent d artist whose masterpieces are n the walls of many of my frien s and family. And I'm so proud o have her art on my walls in y home and cow. I have thr e siblings who have all creat d successful brands of their ow. My baby sister is Tracy and s e is the co founder of co y cottages, which I would be t describe as the Airbnb of t e cottage world. Then there's y older sister Anna Goodson. An a is the founder and president f Anna Goodson management,a successful illustration agen y that connects the world's be t illustrators wi h internationally recogniz d publishers. And then there's y older brother Scott Goodso. Scott is the founder and CEO f a little agency you might ha e heard of called strawberry fro. And they're based in the Empi e State Building in New York Cit. He's also the author of gold n male best seller uprising, whi h introduces us to the moveme t marketing world. And he s launching a new marketing bo k in 2021, which he wouldn't te l me what it's called. But if it s as good as his last one,I cannot wait to read it. Th n there's me, Joelly, the mid le child. I started my career in advertising working a a copywriter at several no ed agencies around town, the m st famous one being Ogilvy nd Mather, which now is known as Ogilvy. After about six years of doing that, I decided, you k ow what, it wasn't for me, an I wanted to make a change. S I joined the wonderful world of marketing merchandise.nd basically I helped my amaz ng clients promote their bra d, with the coolest swag ever.nd I can honestly say, I love t. Life was really good for a wh le until it wasn't in 2015. Af er 13 years, my marriage ended.nd at 48 years old, I becam a single mom with two young b ys and zero financial support.nd as luck would have it,il prices took a huge nosedive t at same year. And since most of my clients oil and gas, my inc me dove right along with it. So to say 2015 was a tough year i a bit of an understatement. Bu I worked my ass off and slo ly started to dig myself out of he dark hole that I was in.nd just when I could see the lig t, fast forward to 2020, and he world turned upside down aga n. But this time, not just for e. But for everyone. Thanks to COVID everything changed, and it continues to change. And i's enough to make your head sp n. So this brings me to wh I decided to start my new podc st branding matters. I decide I wanted to chart the cha ge that's affecting all of us to the one thing that's connect ng all of us in business.nd that's branding. Because ow more than ever before, bra ds are changing the way we do business, how you ask? We l, that's for my guest to sh re with you. And I've spent he last few months identifying nd connecting with some of he world's most thoughtful lead rs on this exact subject. T is podcast is intended to be an inspiration for CEOs nd students, and some market ng wannabes. And for those of ou who've maybe been around he block a few times and are j st looking for some inspirati n, because we're all holding ur breath while the world chang s. So let's find out where i's going together. My hope is or you to be moved and inspir d. And maybe even have a little un while you're here. In case ou missed it. The show is cal ed branding matte And you can subscribe now on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or whatever platform you listen to.Thanks again and until next time, here's to all you badass is empty.