Branding Matters

How to Connect with Your Audience With Your Brand Story with Christine Gillies

September 01, 2023 Branding Badass Episode 95
Branding Matters
How to Connect with Your Audience With Your Brand Story with Christine Gillies
Show Notes

Ever wonder why some stories just grab you by the heart? Want to know how you can connect with customers on a human level?

Today I’m sitting down with my friend Christine Gillies—she's not only one of the Globe & Mail's Best Executives for 2023 but also the CMO at Blackline Safety. This Calgary-based company specializes in revolutionary wireless, wearable sensors designed for industrial or remote work environments.

This conversation is unlike any other as Christine courageously opens up about surviving the 9/11 attacks, escaping from the 87th floor of the World Trade Centre. Christine brings that resilience into her marketing expertise, advocating for the power of vulnerability and authenticity in brand storytelling.

From the value of asking the right questions to connecting people in impactful ways, this conversation is a must-listen. Get ready for actionable insights and an inspirational story that will stay with you long after you've tuned out.

This is truly one of my favourite conversations, with one of my favourite people, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

06:40 - Christine’s 9/11 survival story

14:07 - What does it mean to put marketing at the forefront of a company strategy

18:34 - How Blackline technology helps bring people home safely

22:33 - Why storytelling is important 

23:34 - Christine’s advice for business owners and marketers

26:12 - Why vulnerability is a big part of storytelling

28:56 - How to choose the most effective platform for sharing your brand's story

32:12 - Christine’s badass superpower

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