Branding Matters

Deondric Royster (SIGNAL AWARDS) Launch A Winning Podcast

August 04, 2023 Branding Badass Episode 93
Branding Matters
Deondric Royster (SIGNAL AWARDS) Launch A Winning Podcast
Show Notes

Today I’m sitting down with Deondric Royster; Managing Director at Webby Media and the Signal Awards - a podcast-focused awards program that honours excellence in podcasting.

Before joining Webby Media, Deondric worked for some of the world’s most recognizable brands including Spotify and I Heart Radio. And with his 13+ years of experience in the industry, it’s fair to say he’s now on a mission to propel the podcast industry to stratospheric heights!

During our incredibly fun and entertaining chat, Deondric and I discuss all things podcasting. From how to launch your own show to how to be a guest on other podcasts.

If you’re thinking of launching a branded podcasts, or you already have one and you want to take it to the next level, this is definitely the episode for you!

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